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Customer stories

Earn money as a badge Creator, like Toga!

Toga is a long-time IMVU Producer. While mainly focusing in on badges, he also creates pixel and banner art, product icon work, and more. Badges on IMVU are mainly displayed on a user’s Classic Web page, but Toga’s work can also be displayed across the feed and social media pages.

Although a self-proclaimed Classic Client user, Toga utilizes the newest currency, VCOIN, on IMVU Desktop to increase his badge sales, find new customers, and safely convert his earnings to cash.

Using VCOIN as a marketing strategy

I decided to put my work on the VCOIN Marketplace because it would be a good marketing strategy for myself, as I know a lot of people would see it and would be like, “Oh wow, this is new, let me click on it and see what’s going on.”

Badges may be “new” to newer users, but long-standing players will know that badges have been a great way to make a profile stand out from others.

Toga viewed accepting VCOIN as a strategic way to bring his creations to the forefront with these newer users who may not be aware of what badges were.

Posting his badges and previous work examples to the VCOIN Marketplace, Toga was able to gain more exposure for his badges and his art in general, with multiple users asking if they were able to commission work from him.

Even beyond receiving more attention with VCOIN, he was able to also see a large bump with his available products in “Shop” as well, increasing his value with both VCOIN and Shop.

Trust and safety for Producers with VCOIN

One issue Toga ran into as a badge Producer was seeing scams occur for badge sales, especially with custom items.

There can be a lot of dark things that happen behind closed doors and there are some things that IMVU can’t do because it happens off-site or via third-party website, so I think with the implementation of VCOIN, it’ll make it a lot easier for situations to get handled.

With Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Uphold, VCOIN provides an additional layer of security for Toga to earn real money and be able to safely do it on the platform.

I think it’s really cool that IMVU now has this sort of in-client way to pay for things that will also give you currency besides Credits.

Earn real cash with VCOIN by becoming an IMVU Producer.

It’s easy as 1-2-3.

All you need to do is provide a service on IMVU – no additional upgrades required. Services can range from editing an avatar, or modeling for Creators, or teaching others how to create. With IMVU being where the real world comes to play, the type of service that can be provided is only bound by your imagination. Ready to offer a service in exchange for VCOIN?


Post your service at the VCOIN Marketplace, located on the Community Center Discussion board.


Promote your post by linking it to your Profile Page with #IAcceptVCOIN and #IMVUProducer.


Tag #VCOIN and #IMVUProducer to any promotion on social for a chance to be featured on Discover and our social pages!

Purchase VCOIN

Purchase VCOIN to gift to friends and use at the VCOIN Marketplace. Holding real value, VCOIN is the best in-game token to use on IMVU.

VCOIN Marketplace
Shop for services with VCOIN or post your own at the VCOIN Marketplace, located at the Help Center Discussion boards.
Learn how to become an IMVU Producer

Earn real money on IMVU by requesting VCOIN and becoming a Producer. No additional account upgrades required and it’s easy as 1-2-3.

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