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Welcome VCOIN to the IMVU Universe

Available now on IMVU!

VCOIN is IMVU’s newest currency that, like Credits, can securely be purchased, gifted, and earned on IMVU. Unlike Credits, VCOIN can be converted to real cash without the need for a VIP membership. Soon, IMVU Producers – models, badge Creators, bar owners, wedding officiants – all can request and withdraw VCOIN for real value.

VCOIN – the currency for IMVU Producers.

Users Can Now Gift Bigger Props

VCOIN is a great way for users to gift value. Users can gift friends and IMVU Producers who create the IMVU world in which they live.

IMVU Producers Can Earn Real Value

IMVU Producers can, for the first time, earn value directly on IMVU while they connect, play, and maximize experiences for other users.

Send and Earn Secured Value with VCOIN

Keep transactions secure with VCOIN. With Two-Factor Authentication and IMVU’s third-party partner, Uphold, account security is more important than ever, so sending, receiving, and converting VCOIN can be done safely with peace of mind.

Pay non-IMVU users

Earn in IMVU, spend IRL. Through Uphold, VCOIN can be sent to users who provide services that enhance the IMVU experience, but do not have their own account, thereby providing real value beyond the platform.



Learn all about IMVU’s newest currency, VCOIN.

New to VCOIN? Here’s how to get started.

Learn more about our third-party partner, Uphold, the account you’ll need to be able to withdraw your VCOIN into cash.

From Two-Factor Authentication to our third-party partner, Uphold, VCOIN is a secure way to earn value on IMVU.

Navigating your VCOIN Wallet is simple, easy, and secure. Store your VCOIN with assurance and learn more about your VCOIN Wallet.

Transfer your VCOIN to Uphold, to withdraw your VCOIN into cash.

With VCOIN, your possibilities are endless. Learn how to maximize your IMVU experience with VCOIN.

VCOIN Marketplace

IMVU Producer and have a service or product to sell? Post your work in our VCOIN Marketplace and mark your price in VCOIN. 

Help from our Community

Can’t find the info you’re looking for? Check out our Community for more!

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