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Customer stories

Get paid real money for your fashion sense on IMVU.

There are no bounds to the creativity of Creators on IMVU, so it’s no surprise that fashion trends run rampant on the platform. Sometimes, it even seems like a trend can hit on IMVU before it even materializes in the real world.

Yvonnem has always been interested in fashion, trying out new trends, style, and looks. But turning her modeling interest into a business on IMVU was a step to take her style to the next level.

Using VCOIN to convert to money... and even Credits!

With VCOIN, a model can have extra money to buy Credits for whatever it is that he/she needs. … I know that I’ll be able to plan my money that I have exchanged from VCOIN to real life money, to buy my Credits whenever I need to, so I can continue my streaming and my advertising.

Yvonnem began modeling once she was able to see other users post photos and advertise for Creators. After a year of being on IMVU, Yvonnem realized she wanted to be able to do the same. Already versed in putting together an outfit and a photo, Yvonnem began reaching out to Creators to let them know she could boost up their sales and business.

Modeling isn’t (always) easy – you need Credits to buy rooms, the outfit, and the poses that you need.

VCOIN, however, allows Yvonnem to open up her payment to receiving real cash for her modeling efforts.

The VCOIN Community on IMVU

Of course, starting out with VCOIN was daunting, even for Yvonnem.

When something new is brought out to the public, there’s always the question of, “is it legit, is it functional.” … What helped me overcome the doubts that I had was when I read about it on the platform (and) heard other users speak positively about it and explain the benefits of it being able to be converted to real life money and people are using it, which is very encouraging.

Yvonnem was able to find VCOIN users by going to the VCOIN Marketplace. With other IMVU Producers posting their services on the Discussion board and users shopping, Yvonne not only was able to quell her concerns, but she also saw the opportunity to grow her business.

I’m able to reach out to more people, who in turn would maybe like for me to advertise or stream the products that they have made on the platform.

Earn real cash with VCOIN by becoming an IMVU Producer.

It’s easy as 1-2-3.

All you need to do is provide a service on IMVU – no additional upgrades required. Services can range from editing an avatar, or modeling for Creators, or teaching others how to create. With IMVU being where the real world comes to play, the type of service that can be provided is only bound by your imagination. Ready to offer a service in exchange for VCOIN?


Post your service at the VCOIN Marketplace, located on the Community Center Discussion board.


Promote your post by linking it to your Profile Page with #IAcceptVCOIN and #IMVUProducer.


Tag #VCOIN and #IMVUProducer to any promotion on social for a chance to be featured on Discover and our social pages!

Purchase VCOIN

Purchase VCOIN to gift to friends and use at the VCOIN Marketplace. Holding real value, VCOIN is the best in-game token to use on IMVU.

VCOIN Marketplace
Shop for services with VCOIN or post your own at the VCOIN Marketplace, located at the Help Center Discussion boards.
Learn how to become an IMVU Producer

Earn real money on IMVU by requesting VCOIN and becoming a Producer. No additional account upgrades required and it’s easy as 1-2-3.

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