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Customer stories

Expanding your brand on IMVU has never been easier.

It’s no secret that you can earn a real income and build an empire from your digital sales as a Creator on IMVU. However, growing your audience and expanding your brand is essential to a Creator’s success on the platform.

Yalla, an experienced IMVU Creator, recognized a way that she would be able to amplify her reach and connect with her audience on a deeper level. It just so happens that through her new business endeavor, she was also able to form lifelong connections with users in our community all while utilizing a new way to earn real money on IMVU.

Utilize your platform as a Creator to further grow your business

“I noticed many amazing Yalla shoppers putting out wonderful content just wearing the Yalla brand, and that led me to contact those people, on Instagram especially, to collaborate with these girls. And slowly, we just formed a modeling group.”


Yalla got the idea to start a Modeling Agency for her own brand, the Yalla Dolls and Yalla Kings, after she saw incredible content coming from users who bought her items.

Once she introduced the Yalla Dolls and Yalla Kings as the face of her brand, what started out as a way to connect with her audience and boost her Shop, has the ability to now become its own profitable business with VCOIN.

Reach an even larger audience on the VCOIN Marketplace

“We could have [VCOIN] as entry fees for our exclusive events. You can even earn VCOIN during those parties, where you can cash it back out or spend it however you like.”

The VCOIN Marketplace also provides a direct platform for businesses like Yalla’s modeling agency to reach new audiences easier and faster.

“The Marketplace for VCOIN will be a great place to showcase especially the Yalla Dolls, which are in very high demand because people want to join us.

VCOIN gives all IMVU users the ability to earn real money on the platform, IMVU Creators included.

Earn real cash with VCOIN by becoming an IMVU Producer.

It’s easy as 1-2-3.

All you need to do is provide a service on IMVU – no additional upgrades required. Services can range from editing an avatar, or modeling for Creators, or teaching others how to create. With IMVU being where the real world comes to play, the type of service that can be provided is only bound by your imagination. Ready to offer a service in exchange for VCOIN?


Post your service at the VCOIN Marketplace, located on the Community Center Discussion board.


Promote your post by linking it to your Profile Page with #IAcceptVCOIN and #IMVUProducer.


Tag #VCOIN and #IMVUProducer to any promotion on social for a chance to be featured on Discover and our social pages!

Purchase VCOIN

Purchase VCOIN to gift to friends and use at the VCOIN Marketplace. Holding real value, VCOIN is the best in-game token to use on IMVU.

VCOIN Marketplace
Shop for services with VCOIN or post your own at the VCOIN Marketplace, located at the Help Center Discussion boards.
Learn how to become an IMVU Producer

Earn real money on IMVU by requesting VCOIN and becoming a Producer. No additional account upgrades required and it’s easy as 1-2-3.

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